03 October, 2008

Thanks a lot, COKE.

What is it with the Coca Cola company? When they introduce a tasty beverage why the hell do they have to get me hooked on it and then discontinue it? It's like they live to piss me off.

Remember OK Soda? Probably not - I lived in one of Coke's test markets for it. The stuff was great. It was this amazing hybrid of citrus and cola that tasted unlike anything else on the market. The advertising was quirky and cool, and there was a whole series of different can and 2-liter bottle label designs. It was completely aces, and it lasted just about through the summer of 1994 before Coke pulled the plug.

Now it looks like they're doing the same thing with Vanilla Zero. I went to the grocery store a couple of weeks ago to refresh my supply of Vanilla Zero and couldn't find any on the shelves. I've been looking for it ever since - in every store in town, every convenience mart, every gas station with one of those tiny little Gas N Go marts - but Vanilla Zero is nowhere to be found.

Damn you, Coca Cola. I'm going back to drinking Moxie.


TastyNewEngland said...

Oh Jesus, Moxie. Had my first taste of it the other day, can't say I'm a fan.

snackgirl said...

Dave, that is SO weird, I was just talking about OK soda with my husband today.
I remember my little cousins who were all under 21 sitting around the pool drinking it and my uncle flipped out because he thought they were drinking beer.
I guess they did kind of look like beercans because they were so silver.