13 October, 2008

Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmallow Fluff . Whenever I see it in the grocery store, I am instantly transported back to childhood. See that blue-and-white label? Hasn't changed in sixty years, I think, though they used to be printed on paper and glued to glass jars and today Fluff uses plastic tubs.

This marshmallow creme is ubiquitous across New England. It's made in Lynn, MA and you'd be hard put to find many kitchens up here without a jar of it in the cupboard. It's used as a versatile base for making fudge (in fact, Fluff prints their "Never Fail Fudge" recipe on the back of every tub) and as the chief ingredient of a Fluffernutter - a sandwhich made with peanut butter and Fluff. I can still remember the jingle:
Oh you need Fluff, Fluff, Fluff
To make a Fluffernutter,
Marshmallow Fluff,
And lots of peanut butter.

First you spread, spread, spread
Your bread with peanut butter
And Marshmallow Fluff,
And have a Fluffernutter.

When you enjoy, joy, joy
Your Fluff and peanut butter
You're glad you have enough
For another Fluffernutter!
In the years since I was a kid, Fluff has expanded their distribution. Fluff is available all around the US now as well as in parts of Europe. There are lots of marshmallow creme manufacturers, and even though I don't buy it too often anymore I don't think there are any as good as good ol' Fluff.

Fluff's Website.

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Stephanie in Shanghai said...

Awww man.

I have seriously been craving fluff and you go and make a post all about it.

I'll send you funky chinese snack foods to blog about if you send me fluff! :-D