15 October, 2008

From Fishing Trip to Whale Watch

Last Saturday, I went out on a chartered fishing boat from Gloucester, MA. The company we went out with, Yankee Fleet, does open party boats, but on this occasion, I was part of a small group charter. There were about 25 of us on a 100-foot boat. It was great because the boat was about 1/3 normal capacity, so we had plenty of elbow room onboard and all of us were experienced, so there was no one hugging the gunnel and chumming.

Although most of the action was with dogfish (dammit) all was not a total loss, because we spotted several pods of humpback whales on the way back in, and it didn't take much effort to convince the skipper to steer in close for some whale watching. It got us back to the dock a couple hours later than we thought, but it was worth it.

Here's a short unedited clip of some humpback whales coming up and blowing near the boat:


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Dave said...

You do not have permission to reprint any of my work on any of your blogs.

Michele said...

What a great video! I am insanely jealous! I guess my odds of seeing humpback whales would be greatly increased if I got myself on a boat. There's nothing like living by the ocean and having a fear of water. :-)