30 April, 2012

If You Can't Drink Milk Without Discomfort...

...You might be "lack toast and tolerant."  Really.


Dave said...

Back in the day off-line reader software for BBS messages had a thing called a "Twit Filter" where one placed doofuses who were demonstrably ding-bats or otherwise goofy. Someone needs to invent a "Twitter Filter".

And people wonder why I don't do ANY of the so-called 'social media'.

Dave said...

You don't need a filter for Twitter; the only things that show up in your timeline are posts by people you "follow." In order to collect the hilarity I shared, I had to go looking for it. My Twitter timeline is very literate.

Don't knock it until you try it.

Dave said...

I've got enough demands on my time that I'm already committed to without getting all wrapped up with 'social media'. I probably don't have all that much time left on this old spitwad - can't believe I'm gonna have the 31st anniversary of my Jack Benny this month - and I've got a lot of more productive stuff I want to get done before I snuff it.

Used to do IRC (it's still in business) and various chat rooms - until I realised that I was just there to watch women doing rude things to themselves. Typing to people I know got to seem counter productive ... I could get a lot more said/done with a phone call.

Just call me Ned Ludd.