28 April, 2012

I Want Me Some Crapes. Or Maybe A Tortia.

What is it about Twitter that makes people so eager to display 140 characters of illiteracy?  Here are a few more examples of hilariously misspelled food items:

I had no idea that so many people called jalapeno peppers "Japalenos:"

And Crapes (aka "crepes") seem to be pretty popular for breakfast among Twitizens:

I guess I can almost forgive misspelling "bruschetta" as "brushetta":

But really, people.  Spelling "tortilla" as "tortia?"  Seriously?


Frank Yensan said...

I like the "on acident" part. I wonder if it was "on purpose" or if the acid made her do it...

Crafty C said...

It's those darn first letters that are so similar! Damn bru! I always get cake and cabbage mixed up when I'm ordering at a restaurant too!

Leeanne said...

Japalenos? A phonetic spelling would make more sense. Hal-a-pain-yos.