14 April, 2012

Cape Cod Potato Chips Introduces Four New Varieties!

I got home the other day to find a surprise package on the porch - it was from our friends at Cape Cod Potato Chips, and it contained four bags of chips for us to review - the four all-new varieties that they're rolling out right now (just in time for burger-and-dog season.)

There are two lines to the new varieties, and each of them have two flavors.

The first new line is called Chef's Recipe, and come in two flavors developed by Chef Weldon Fizell of The Regatta restaurant in Cotuit. 

Chef's Recipe Feta & Rosemary chips are deliciously flavorful. Notes of rosemary and a touch of garlic blend well with the sharpness of feta. Lynnafred is not a big fan of feta cheese, but nevertheless she enjoyed these - the feta flavor is distinct, but at the same time tamed by the other seasonings. Chef Weldon, I am told, developed this flavor based on his signature crostini appetizer. If you're a fan of cheese-flavored chips, you should absolutely give this one a try. 

Chef Weldon's other new variety is Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper. The garlic is seasoned with red pepper flakes, with a touch of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Maryanne really liked this chip, but I thought it would be a bit better if the garlic was toned down a little. The sparingly-applied balsamic vinegar was a nice touch - just enough to give the chips a bit of a  kick without being overwhelming.

Along with the Chef's Recipe line, Cape Cod has also waffle-cut chips, and they're just brilliant.

I guess you could call Cape Cod's Waffle Cut Sea Salt chips the "plain" variety (just potatoes fried in canola oil with some salt)  The waffle cut makes the chips at once delicate and rugged, and really brings out the tater flavor. All of us thought that the richer and heartier potato taste was more like potato sticks than chips. Extremely good.

Our hands-down favorite of the bunch, though, was Waffle Cut Seasoned Pepper. This cut is particularly well-suited for a blended pepper seasoning, because the stronger potato flavor stands up better to the aggressiveness of the pepper. Cape Cod is using a blend of black, white, and red peppers along with paprika to bring an awesome pepper bouquet to the chips. We liked the way the heat built as we ate them - the spice never got overpowering, just better.

These chip flavors are made of crispy Win and Awesome.

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Leeanne said...

I bought the waffle chips at Bottle Shop yesterday, for a gathering at my friends' house. Liked them so much we bought them again at ShopRite today.