04 May, 2010

New Crystal Light Pure Fitness

A short time ago, Kraft Foods sent me a sample assortment of their latest addition to their lineup of Crystal Light drink mixes:  New Crystal Light Pure Fitness.  They gave me samples of all three flavors - Strawberry Kiwi, Grape, and Lemon Lime - and asked me to try them out.

The timing couldn't have been better. My wife Maryanne and I had a full weekend of outdoor labor scheduled, with temps set to be in the 80's.  We both considered ourselves fortunate that Kraft had chosen this particular week for the review, since we had a lot of work lined up:  building raised vegetable beds, setting up that new pair of rain barrels, I wrote about yesterday digging out these damned tenacious vines that keep trying to swallow the house, and more.  All in full sun. It was exhausting work.

Each 9g packet of Crystal Light is meant to be dissolved into a 16.9-ounce bottle of water.  Each one contains a few grams of sugar and some rebiana (a stevia-derived sweetener) for flavor, and some electrolytes to take care of thirst.  The promo literature with the packets mentioned that Crystal Light had a lot fewer calories than many other sport drinks.  They sounded pretty good, and we tried all three flavors:

Grape was similar to many other grape-flavored sports drinks we've had.  The flavor was subtle and surprisingly tart, which took all of us by surprise (it was the first one we tried and I guess we were expecting something sweeter.)  I thought it was pretty good, Maryanne liked it, and Lynnafred said it was too much like Kool-Aid for her tastes.

Strawberry Kiwi was Lynnafred's favorite.  Sweeter than the grape with a more pronounced flavor, she thought the flavor was very authentic and natural.  I didn't find it quite as quenching as the grape, but that's probably because it was sweeter.

Lemon-Lime was very good; Maryanne and I both enjoyed this one the most.  Like the grape, the flavor was milder than lemonade or most sport drinks, while still being noticeable and enjoyable.  Tart and very quenching, this is the flavor that we both turned to the most during our "drink breaks" as we worked.  We found it hit the spot just right.

All in all, we thought that Pure Fitness was a great drink mix.  Maryanne is tucking the remaining packets into her gym bag.  It may sound funny to hear a guy recommending something so heavily marketed to women, but there ya go.

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