24 September, 2009

Dollar Store Tamales

The freezer section of my local Dollar Tree always contains such interesting surprises. Sometimes they're disgusting, but sometimes they can be pretty decent. So when I saw Sunny Acres Tamales (in my choice of pork or beef) I figured I'd take a chance. After all, even Banquet's frozen tamales aren't that bad.

As it turns out, I was very pleasantly surprised by just how good these tamales were. The pork version was smooth and bursting with piggy goodness; the beef ones were hearty and full-flavored, just exactly what you'd expect. Both were moderately seasoned (I'd say it was on the mild side of medium, but someone with less chile-heat tolerance might find them somewhat "zestier.") Each tamale weighed in at 2 ounces - a decent side-dish size, certainly no smaller than the Banquet version - and had generous amounts of meat filling. Best of all, there was a minimum of filler to the meat (some masa flour but absolutely no textured vegetable protein) making the eight-ounce packages a good value at a dollar each. I followed the microwave heating instructions on the package, and they came out perfectly. They made delicious lunches, and I had them with a very simple sauce made by simmering some canned stewed tomatoes with a few dollops of sofrito.

Pretty decent for cheap eats.


Sunny Acres is a brand owned by SmartPrice Sales & Marketing Inc., a supplier of perishable and non-perishable foods to "extreme value retailers" (as their website refers to them.) Their website says, "...when a consumer picks up one of our brands the reaction is always the same, 'Wow, what a fantastic value!'" and based on these tamales, that might not just be empty ad copy.


Anonymous said...

But was it Angus beef? ...



Diane said...

Dollar store tamales sounds like the title of the next Murakami novel.