01 September, 2009

Dollar Store Nightmares: La Sierra Beans

So, how long has it been since La Sierra put the brand new picture of the Cheese-Flavored Refried Beans on the front label of the can? A few months? A year? I don't know, and you don't either. That's right, we never noticed.

That must have really torqued the Art Department at La Sierra. All those long days in the studio, arranging and rearranging those messy damned mashed beans, taking photo after photo, having to smell the bean essence as the leguminous proteins sweated under the hot studio lights - and for what? No one ever pays attention to the picture anyway.

Well, everyone's gonna notice it this time. Because La Sierra added a banner to the front of the can: NEW IMAGE!

Take that, you oblivious dunderheads!



Andrew Green said...

Hey, the new picture really made me want to buy those beans.
I thought, "Hey, if they went through the trouble of adding a new image, then I'll give them a shot!"

davey jones said...

are these things supposed to be crunchy? i just ate some for the first time after purchasing them from my local big lots, and found myself chewing on what appeared to be several tiny pieces of gravel. any similar experiences?