24 October, 2012

Review: Columbus Salame Secchi

If there's one thing I find hard to resist, it's a good salami. (Stop snickering, I didn't mean it that way.) And when I'm browsing along the deli counter at a supermarket and find one I haven't tried before, it's fairly certain that cured meat stick is coming home with me.

And that's how I met this Columbus Salame Secchi, made by San Francisco's Columbus Salame (aka Columbus Manufacturing, Inc.) they've been making cured Italian meats on the west coast since 1917, and Secchi was one of their first products.

It's truly an awesome dry-cured salame, mellow and meaty. It's a great addition to an Italian sandwich, and it's perfect alongside some sharp table cheese, olives, and giardiniera for a snack platter.


Columbus Salame website
Columbus Salame on Facebook


SJBill said...

We're New Englanders that relocated to the SF Bay area about 16 years ago. Columbus provisions are wonderful, but that's only the beginning. There must be more than twenty boutique producers of salami that are simply phenomenal.

In addition, some of the better markets sell imported Pick Salami from Hungary, and at bargain prices.

But I tell, you, salami is one of those things I have to learn how to make myself.

Alan said...

It sure looks good in the photo. Now I'm hungry.