21 August, 2011

Triscuit Thin Crisps - Chile Pepper Flavor

Everybody has heard of Triscuit, Nabisco's original whole wheat wafers.  They've been around for over a hundred years - no lie, Nabisco started selling them in 1903, and they are every bit as popular now as they were back then.

Recently, Nabisco decided to go in a new direction with Triscuit, and introduced Triscuit Thin Crisps.  They're thinner than the original, lighter and less dense, and somewhat crispier than original Triscuit.  Last week, Nabisco sent me some of their new Chile Pepper Thin Crisps flavor for review, and we dug in.

Chile Pepper Thin Crisps have an awesome flavor profile: There's garlic and onion, and just a faint hint of cheesy tang (that's probably from the buttermilk and whey listed on the ingredients panel.) And over it all, the rich and faintly smoky taste of mild but flavorful chile peppers. They go great with cheese and dips, and are pretty tasty snacking on them right out of hand, too.  The chile flavor really enhances sharp cheese and cheesy dips.

Since Nabisco was generous enough to send me two boxes to try, we brought the second box to a pig roast on Saturday and set them out on the appetizer table with the cheeses, dips, and other crackers.  Apparently, we aren't the only ones who think that Nabisco has got a winner with this cracker, since the Chile Pepper Thin Crisps were devoured before any of the other crackers.  Everyone was enjoying them, especially with a big pan of 7-Layer Taco Dip which was originally served with tortilla chips.  (The tortilla chips didn't start moving again until the Thin Crisps were all gone.)


I wanted to get a good closeup shot of the Triscuits to show off their texture and the matrix of chile pepper bits and other spices inside, so I set up a neutral white background and put some crackers on a napkin to get the shot ready.  I lined up to take the picture, and just as the shutter tripped, Iris poked her head into the frame, took a single cracker from the pile and ducked under the dining room table to enjoy her stolen treat. (Yes, she likes them too.)


J. Astro said...

Hahaha - way to go, dog.

Remember when they used to have a French Onion flavor of these, waaaay back? I liked those a LOT for dipping. Don't care much for the 4-Cheese variety (they have kind of a weird aftertaste that I associate with Windex, or cleaning products, or somethin', I dunno).

Will definitely try these Chile Pepper ones. You had me at "garlic & onion".

Alan said...

Food companies need to be really confident when sending a new food to you for review. You're brutally honest. So when a food item gets a good review, it's surely a winner here. Makes me want to try these.

J. Astro said...

UPDATE! Tried these. Didn't care for 'em. They had a funky aftertaste, in my opinion. Oh, well. *shrug*