16 July, 2011

New Kellogg's Crunchy Nut

Hey look! It's NEW! Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal, with Nuts in Every Bite!  (That is an important point.  Biting nuts just isn't worth it if one can't have nuts in every bite.)

I am totally not wowed by this cereal, which is basically a sugar-coated corn flake with little bits of peanuts glued in place by the sugar coating. There aren't enough peanuts to lend much flavor, and despite the cover art clearly depicting a honey dipper drooling with bee poop, they don't taste much like honey either.

What they do taste like is Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, i.e. nothing special. Because Crunchy Nut is new and Kellogg's is trying to get people to buy it, you're likely to find it on sale at your local supermarket and you should be able to find some coupons for it as well.  So if you have someone at home who likes Frosted Flakes, you might want to give them a try while they're really cheap.

And then, who knows?  Maybe stack the promotional sales with the coupons and stock up on enough of them to last you until they make it into the job lot stores when they're discontinued.


Rodzilla said...

I kind of liked these ones, not as fond of the roasted nut and honey variety- they're too similar to, and can't compete with honey graham Oh's

Jessi P. said...

@ rodzilla: if i'm going to have a sugary cereal... Ohs are definitely the BEST... but i think they are worse than capn crunch when it comes to tearing up the roof of your mouth!

what confuses me about the crunchy nut cereals is that there doesn't seem to be any name differentiation on the box labels between the flakes and the round cheerio-shaped varieties.

Unknown said...

This is one of the best selling cereals here in the UK. Personally I think they are ten times nicer than the normal frosted flakes.
Not the most satisfying cereal ever but nice nonetheless imo.

EatinistBitch said...

isn't honey actually bee upchuck, and not poop??

not trying to gross anyone out, just trying to be clear! :-)