14 April, 2011

What's Up With This Carrot?

This carrot looked completely normal in the fridge and as I peeled it.  But when I sliced it, I noticed it had these hollow "veins" running through it.

It didn't taste any different than any other carrot, but Lynnafred was a little skeeved out by it and wouldn't let me put the hollow slices in the stew.


Little said...

Wow, what a concident - I just cut up a few and had exactly the same ^^ But that usually happens with older carrots that start to wooden out and dry up from the inside. First they get these channels inside, the they get all rubbery. Shouldn't taste off, maybe somewhat dry - still perfect for stews or soups.

Michael said...

Little beat me to it. The carrot is just a little hypermature - perfectly fine, no bugs or anything.

Andrew said...

One word:

Dude, you just gave yourself worms.

Good going.

....Actually, just kidding. I have no idea why that carrot looked that way.

But, like Lynnafred, I would not have consented to eating it, just to be safe.