07 April, 2011

Blue Chip Casino Potato Chips

Lynnafred discovered these chips during our last Big Lots safari.  We'd never seen a potato chip - or any snack, for that matter - specifically designed for a casino before, so it piqued our interest.  Then we found from reading the back of the bag that Blue Chip Casino apparently gives out these chips as a gift to people who sign up for their rewards program to prove that they are, as the front of the package says, "all that and a bag of chips."

The casino/resort is located in Indiana, so there's little chance that we'd be joining one of their programs.  But we decided to buy a bag of chips just to see what manner of snack a high-end resort would think is a worthy standard bearer.

As it happens, Blue Chip Casino potato chips are exceptionally good!  They're thicker than regular chips, but thinner than standard kettle-style chips.  Yet their superior crunch and flavor tag them as probably kettle-cooked - a unique hybrid chip, bursting with spudliness and a hearty crunch but at the same time rather light and delicate. I would certainly classify them as a premium product.  I just wonder how they found their way to Big Lots.


This is Blue Chip Casino's website, detailing their extensive amenities.  Couldn't find any mention of potato chips, though.  Actually, I couldn't find any mention of these potato chips anywhere on the web at all.

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