15 April, 2011

Dollar Store Scrapple

I never know what is going to turn up in the refrigerated section of Dollar Tree. This is the first time I found scrapple there.

Checking the label reveals that this scrapple was made at USDA Establishment No. 9520, aka Leidys, Inc of Souderton PA.  Take a look at some of the small-brand and store-brand scrapples in various supermarkets, and you will find USDA Est. No. 9520 on many of them.

The stuff cooks up pretty well - it doesn't get too runny or liquid as it fries - and it has a pleasantly peppery zing to it.  Good stuff.  But it's also an excellent example of how dollar store shopping isn't always the awesome deal that it might seem to be.

This five-ounce pack of scrapple cost a dollar, meaning that I'd need to pay $3.00 for 15 ounces (just shy of a pound) of it.  But scrapple made by Leidys can be found  in full one-pound packages in many supermarkets for about $2.50 or sometimes less. Everything at the dollar store might be a dollar, but not everything is going to be worth a dollar.


Anonymous said...

That's true, but you also know that most food that comes in smaller packaging has a higher price per pound to help cover the additional packaging and handling. Some single elderly might prefer 5 ounces (two meals) vs. 16 ounces (5 meals). (from my experience I estimate 3 ounces is a good serving because you can eat that much before you start remembering what is actually in it)

Anonymous said...

Like their Hormel Pepperoni, very very tiny package..