24 September, 2010

McDonald's McCafe Frozen Drinks

Lynnafred and i tried these drinks almost as soon as Mickey D's started selling them - and I forgot all about this picture, taken with my phone and promptly forgotten about back in July.

So I'm late to the party here, but I'm still going to offer a review of the once-new-but-now-familiar drinks.

Wild Berry Smoothie - Intensely fruity, smooth, icy and delicious.  Personally, I wouldn't order either of the smoothies as beverages, but I like them as a quick, frosty replacement for lunch on a damn hot day.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie - Lynnafred's favorite.  She loves them, I think any strawberry-banana combination just tastes like baby food so I'm not a fan.  I will say, though, that the strawberry and banana flavors are well-proportioned, and the quality of the drink is - just like the Wild Berry version - very high quality.

Mocha Frappe - Completely bitchin'.  A hint of coffee, a hint of chocolate, and not too sweet.  Reminded me a lot of Dunkin' Donuts' original Coolata, which I think is exactly what McDonald's was going for here.  Believe me, there is nothing like having one of these on a 90+ degree day as you take a drive in an old truck (like mine) that doesn't have air conditioning.

Caramel Frappe - Every bit as cold, refreshing, and capable of stealing business from Dunkin' Donuts as the mocha version, except that it's noticeably sweeter than the mocha and that made it sweeter than I like.  No matter, there are plenty of people who would love this flavor and I really can't blame them.

You know, I really don't blame McDonald's for going after such a rapidly-growing market such as specialty beverages.  And the results are truly spectacular.  But this makes yet another line of products under the Golden Arches that are better than the burgers upon which the empire was founded.


auntjone said...

I freakin' love the mocha frappe!!! I also find the caramel too sweet for my taste which is crazy since I have an insatiable sweet tooth. They are an indulgence, however, and I don't think I've had one since I looked up the calorie count. Eep.

J. Astro said...

There's some ignorant fatso that used to work on my shift at the job (she's since TERMINATED, thanks be to Ra) but she used to go on & on raving about these things. Your post brought back traumatic memories of her, for a minute there. Thanks a LOT, Dave. >:(

j/k ;)

Dave said...

Astro - I gave ya mental trauma and you didn't even have to spend five bucks and a trip to WalMart's DVD cut out bin. You should be thanking me.