03 September, 2010

Dogs of Summer 7: Price Chopper Cab Sliders

I bought a shrinkwrapped package of natural-casing franks the other day at Price Chopper.  They were on the small side and dark tan from being lightly smoked.  The label said "PC CAB SLIDERS."  All in caps, just like that.  I couldn't find anything like them in the bacon-and-hot-dog section of the supermarket, but this same kind of frank was in the deli case alongside the other natural-casing wieners.  The deli sign in the case said the same thing - also in caps - "CAB SLIDERS."

So before I get started on a review, I just want to tell you all that I have no idea what the hell they mean by "cab slider" is or why P-Chops calls them that.

As for the dog itself, well, it is pretty tasty.  Although the casings are a bit tough, this makes them a very good steamer, because the meat plumps up when heated without immediately splitting the casing.  They're juicy and tender once you bite past that snappy casing, firm, dense, and meaty inside with a good seasoning balance and just the right hint of smokiness hiding in the background.  They were great with a standard yellow mustard and with Gulden's brown but I think the flavor would be too mild to hold up against a really strong specialty mustard. 

I would buy them again.  Don't be afraid to pick some up next time you're in Price Chopper.  And if any of you P-Chops regulars out there know what "cab slider" means, drop me a line.


Nope. said...

Aw, man...I love good hot dogs. I think it's so cool that you've found all these funky local varieties so far!


Anonymous said...

After spending a summer many moons ago working a summer in a Price Chopper Meat Dept, I can say with confidence that "CAB" is PC's way of abbreviating "Certified Angus Beef"

Dave said...

Anonymous - Thanks for demystifying "CAB." I'm still baffled by the "slider" part, though.