10 July, 2010

Tropicana vs. Florida's Natural

Tropicana Pure Premium:

  • The cartons look the same size as ever, but if you check the label you'll find they now only contain 59 ounces.  Sneaky bastards - this is the equivalent of a 7.8% price increase per ounce.
  • Tropicana buys oranges from Brazil
  • Tropicana is a division of PepsiCo

Florida's Natural:

  • Full 64-ounce carton
  • 100% Florida-grown oranges
  • Florida's Natural is a grower-owned and -operated co-op, and has been since it was founded in 1933.
Florida's Natural for the win.


Jen Cheung said...

i loveeeee tropicanas!! my all time favorite :)

have a lovely weekend!


Jillyann said...

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! I live in Florida and am passionate about buying as much locally produced foods as possible. When not possible, the next best is from within the USA. I hate that Tropicana imports oranges from 3 or 4 countries and mixes all that juice up together. Not cool....

Papagayita said...

You also know what's awesome about Florida's Natural? It's available EVERYWHERE here in the Middle East. Hard to imagine Florida citrus growers a. coming to the ME or b. approving a slightly different design with Arabic lettering.

Anonymous said...

I own a small bamboo farm on the Connecticut coast. I'm very concerned I have devoted much of my life to the protection of natural recourses and building sustainable communities in America. I’ve have met a few of the local growers of “Florida’s Natural” consortium, they are the incest’s family and family orientated folks you’ll ever meet. They truly “care” about the product they sell.

I only will allow Florida’s Natural into my house (no exceptions, ever) and try as hard as possible to influence everyone I know to buy only Florida’s Natural. I think we should support our local growers of subtropical crops in the USA, rather than buy from another country. I say this, because I know, once we lose orange production here in the USA (just like everything else)…it will never come back here. Let’s not let another country control our destiny again. For once, let’s support our own countrymen

Anonymous said...

After the Brazil thing about toxic foreign juice, I switched from Tropicana (which I was drinking since I was a kid) to the Florida's Natural brand in the carton. My family likes Florida's Natural, it looks familiar, and there's no confusion about tricky foreign sources.

Susie A said...

Unfortunately this post is outdated Florida natural is also 59oz now in 2018 in Southern California