17 July, 2010

Peace Iced Tea

While shopping at a small, local grocery store a few weeks ago, Dave found a flat of canned raspberry-flavored iced tea. He'd said that he bought it partly because of the "ridiculous psychedelic artwork" on the can, and partly because it was a great deal - a 23 ounce can for 99 cents. And when he showed it to me, we both laughed and jokingly dubbed it "Hippie Tea." Well, to both our surprise, this iced tea is exceptionally good. The sugar is cut with sucralose, dropping it to 50 calories per serving and it comes in four flavors - Razzleberry, Imported Ceylon, Sweet Lemon, and Green Tea. Each of the Peace Iced Teas are made with all natural tea, with no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives. With the exception of the Sweet Lemon Tea, which we haven't tried yet, we're all very pleased with them.

The only clue we had to go off of as to who made this iced tea came off of the Razzleberry Tea can - just under the barcode is a dog wearing a hankerchief around his neck. It had the telltale trademark green "M" that Monster Energy uses as their trademark. When I told that to Dave, he decided to do some looking on his own. As it turns out, both Monster Energy and Peace Teas are owned by Hansen Natrual Beverages, though Hansen's official site doesn't list either of them in their product listing. That's okay, though, because all of them list the same address to contact, right down to the letter.

Hansen's Natural Beverages - Home
Peace Iced Tea - Home (very Flash heavy; may be slow on some computers!)


Alan said...

That is one cool iced tea display. I'd drink it no matter what came in the can. It's art.

Thomas Andrew said...

I love peach tea. Have you ever tried making your own ?

Anonymous said...

Yes the can is cool, but I can't stand the tea. It is like eating sugar. Arizona ice tea in a million times better. Lose some of the sugar

Dave said...

Try the unsweetened Ceylon tea by Peace. It's awesome.