11 January, 2010

Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets

I've been seeing the ads for Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets for a couple weeks now, and finally decided to give them a try.

They're okay, I guess, but nothing really special. The spongy, meatlike chicken patties are solidly average. The breading is crispy, tinted red with paprika and cayenne pepper, and studded with bits of cracked black pepper. The contrast between the crunchy coating and soft meat inside is pretty enjoyable.

The flavor isn't all that great, though. Salty with a canned-chicken-broth flavor, they are disappointing as a spicy food. The characteristic cayenne heat hits at the back of your mouth as you swallow, with a harsh and flavorless heat that offers little else than a vague burning sensation.

That's not really what I look for in a spicy food. I don't generally use cayenne pepper at all because I prefer hot and spicy foods to have a depth of flavor that cayenne can't offer. I can't really recommend these, but if Wendy's in on your way home and want a fast spicy hit, check it out for youself.

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