14 January, 2010

Mannheim Steamroller Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

I was at Ocean State Job Lot and this brightly-colored canister of hot chocolate caught my eye. My whole family enjoys cinnamon-tinted hot chocolate (Nestles Abuelita Mexican chocolate for example,) and the price of this big 24-ounce container was quite attractive at just $2.00.

When I think "Mannheim Steamroller" (which is somewhat less than one time per decade) several things come to mind, none of them very complimentary. "Mediocre Christmas music," for example, or "Albums That Suck." I never think of "delicious hot chocolate." In fact, when I bought the stuff, I didn't even notice the "Mannheim Steamroller" banner at the top of the label.

As it turns out, this is really good hot chocolate. Really good. Unlike some mass-market just-add-water hot chocolates, this one isn't incredibly sweet. It has a rich chocolate flavor with a hint of cinnamon as a backnote - just the right amount. Two scoops in a mug with water just this side of boiling makes an amazingly awesome mug of hot chocolate. One heaping scoop in a mug of coffee makes fantastic mocha.

New Englanders can look for it at Ocean State Job Lot stores, where it is an astonishing bargain at two bucks. If you simply must have some and hang the cost, Mannheim Steamroller Cinnamon Hot Chocolate can also be purchased online from the Mannheim Steamroller Online Store (something else I had never heard of) for the astonishing non-bargain price of $7.98 plus $4.50 shipping, I kid you not.


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Battle Park said...

Awesome. Just one more reason I'm an Ocean State convert.