12 March, 2008

The Worst Canned Tuna In The World

Ace of Diamonds brand Chunk White Tuna (Albacore) in Water is the most disgusting canned tuna I have ever tried.

Made up of tiny bits of tuna suspended in a thick, gummy, translucent liquid, it was impossible to properly drain. So thoroughly was the fish blended with the fluid that it could not even be squeezed out, leaving me with a wet, vomitous mass of tiny tuna-shreds in a vile gummy bolus.

Worse yet, I've got eight more cans of this slop in my pantry. I'll probably end up using it for tuna wiggle, or creamed tuna and peas on toast, or some other casserole-type thing where cutting down on the other liquids will compensate for the slop this garbage is packed in. But this nasty shit is completely useless for tuna salad.


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Anonymous said...

I agree. I opened a can for mac and tuna salad and I was hard pressed to find anything in the can that resembled tuna. It was actually pourable. Disgusting, and NEVER AGAIN!