31 March, 2008

Jack Link's A1 Jerky

I kind of like A1 steak sauce - not as much as I used to, before Kraft bought the brand and bulldozed the flavor with their filthy high-fructose corn syrup, but enough that I still keep a bottle around for the occasional lousy cut of meat that needs a flavor kick. So when I saw that Jack Link had introduced a beef jerky variety flavored with A1, I knew I had to try it.

Guess what? It's good! As you'd expect from Jack Link, the beef is top-notch: real sliced beef, no chopped-and-formed garbage like some of the bargain-basement crap. Mostly bite-sized pieces with a sprinkling of larger and smaller chunks and only a little bit of crumbles in the bottom of the bag.

It was the flavor that really took me by surprise. The A1 is used sparingly, allowing the taste of the beef to come through, accented by the flavor notes of the steak sauce. The effect is very much like teriyaki - in fact, if you're a fan of teriyaki-flavor jerky, you'll probably enjoy the A1 flavor.


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