11 March, 2008

Donut Dip, West Springfield MA

Donut Dip on Riverdale Road in West Springfield MA is an amazing place: an old-fashioned donut-and-coffee shop that not only still makes their baked good from scratch right there on the premises, but has survived nearly unchanged for over half a century.

Just approaching the building is a refreshing change from the bland sameness of the big-chain coffee shops in the area: The distinctive late-50's design of the storefront and the neon signage is the same as it has been since opening day. Inside, the backlit glass menu boards are hand lettered by actual signpainters, not screen-printed in a mass-production factory. And when you take your donuts out the door, they leave in a real waxed-paper bag printed in pink and teal with Donut Dip's logo and menu selection.

Speaking of the donuts, they're well-known in New England as the best in Western Massachusetts, and it's no wonder. They're not made in a central processing plant or shipped to store frozen and ready to thaw. Every one of them is hand-made and hand-cut in the bakery on site. It's a difference that attracts people from as far south as New Haven CT and as far north as Vermont.

On a recent visit, we picked up half a dozen Hot Cross Donuts, an Eastertime specialty. Rich spice cake, studded with candied citron and raisins, glazed and decorated with an icing cross, these treats are mouthwateringly delicious and bold enough to stand up to a strong cup of coffee, and they're just one variety among many specialties here. If you consider yourself a connoisieur of donuts, forget about Krispy Kremes and Dunkies, and get to Donut Dip. You will not regret it a bit.

Directions: Interstate 91, Exit 13 A. Northbound lanes of US 5 (Riverdale Road), on the right just past the lights.

There is also another location in East Longmeadow on North Main Street. This Roadfood.com writeup gives them high marks, and includes loads of pictures.

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Unfortunately, Donut Dip doesn't maintain a website of their own.

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