06 February, 2012

Out Of The Can: Bacon Grill Luncheon Loaf

Bacon Grill Luncheon Loaf is a dollar-store SPAM knockoff that is perhaps the worst-tasting homogeneous tinned meat product that I have ever tasted. The photo doesn't really do it justice, because it fails to show its true, vividly pink color/ Popped out of the can as shown, it looks very much like it was made of melted pink crayon topped with transparent Jell-O.

Sliced and fried, it developed a nicely browned crust which is probably the best thing I'm going to say about it. The texture was spongy and unpleasant, and it tasted like the cheapest, most filler-laden bologna you can imagine.

Really horrible. I might eat it again if I were starving. No, literally starving, not just "wicked hungry" starving.


Mike in Poolesville said...

They did it! They finally did it!
They made something that contains bacon actually
unpleasant! I knew this day would come, just not in my lifetime.

Guy at product brainstorming: "I'm thinking Spam, but

Anonymous said...

But on a happier note, Jack in the Box has introduced a bacon-flavored milkshake.

No, seriously, they really did.

Stop laughing!

Unknown said...

Can't the buyer use the stuff akin to a toy?

Easily carved into a variety of shapes.

Clay-like consistency?

Give it to one's vile spawn on a rainy day to keep the little vermin's hands busy.

Hand the critters a long sharp knife and turn them loose to play with their toy.

Encourage creativity.

If the vile creatures turn out to have a whittling/carving talent perhaps their final creative output could be sold on eBay.

Turn what is an otherwise economic liability into an economic asset.

Avoid those intrusive child-labor laws.

Make those noisy brats infesting your hovel into true economic liabilities and of actual use to the family unit.

Andy said...

Guess we have different tastes but I just now finished a 7oz. serving right out of the can with aged Gouda cheese and crackers. I thought it was very tasty. Didn't notice any off-putting artificial flavor ... tasted reasonably like smoked ham though consistency was softer than solid ham but not unpleasant. It seemed every bit as good as name brand "Spam". I liked it significantly better than Vienna sausages, potted meat / deviled ham. I'll confess I was pretty hungry but don't think that swung my opinion. Found this review while looking for a source for more of the product which I previously bought at a forgotten convenience store somewhere. Hope this comment doesn't constitute "spam." Andy

Dave said...

Your comment isn't spam, Andy, it's "luncheon loaf." :)