11 December, 2011

Out Of The Can: Brookdale Corned Beef Hash (ALDI)

Today's Out of the Can feature is Brookdale Corned Beef Hash, sold by ALDI. Bearing in mind that ALDI is a no-frills, low-price sort of supermarket, I was expecting this hash to be a hilarious cylinder of fat and lurid pink mystery meat, much like the cheap house brand hash that provided me with so many lulz in April 2010.

But no - Like so many other ALDI branded products, Brookdale Corned Beef Hash is pretty awesome. Very little fat cooks out of it in the skillet. The meat and potatoes are both decent quality, and the flavor is good without being overly salty.

A quick check of the USDA Establishment Number printed on the can reveals that the hash is actually made by Hormel, then labeled for distribution and sale by ALDI (regardless of how secretive ALDI is about the source of their private brand stuff, this is something they cannot hide on anything containing any kind of meat - federal regulations require that the processors of meat products be revealed on the package.)

I like canned corned beef hash - 'ash an' heggs is a favorite Sunday morning breakfast for us, especially as the weather gets colder. I've gotten used to tipping the pan and spooning out a quarter of a cup of fat as the hash cooked, so it was a mighty pleasant surprise to find that Brookdale hash doesn't pour off a load of grease as it heats up.  And what makes it even better is the price (I'm pretty sure I paid less than $1.50 a can for it.)

Recommended with no qualms.


Erik (Drunketh) said...

Wow. I thought this stuff looked disgusting until I clicked that link. After that this pour looks to be way better "quality".

MrsBug said...

Speaking of hash, if you're ever in Dimondale, Michigan (and why you would be, I have no idea), Mike's Village Restaurant serves homemade corned beef hash. Amazing. They also make homemade chocolate covered doughnuts, which is a post in itself.

Ben Donovan said...

Yeah this is three years later but i just open a can cooked it then threw it away immediately. so much nasty fat. the top was caked in fat like about 1 inch when i opened the can.

MommaJ said...

The consistency of each can of Corned Beef Hash is different. Last week the hash did not have mush fat. This morning I opened a can and I could pour it like soup. Disgusting..... And Hormel makes this.... bottom of the barrel.

wisco said...

i been buying this hash for 4 years here in shawano wis, all of a sudden the hash is mostly grease and just falls out of the can, total bullshit, i just opened second of 12 cans , all oily mess, i always had enough grease to fry up 4 eggs after wards christ i have 5oz of oil in my pan , this has to be a mistake or the bottom of the vat , tell me this product hasnt changed manufactures or im done w brookdale

Bob said...

I've never had any complaints regarding Brookdale Corned Beef Hash. I eat it at least once every couple of weeks and it has always been consistently low fat content when cooked, with nice meat and potato content. I will continue to buy this product until such time that they change their product.