23 December, 2011

Nabisco, I Am Disappoint

Remember Nutter Butter Creme Patties? Little wafer pillows filled with peanut butter creme...every bite held an explosion of awesome peanut butteriness.  My friend Michael was visiting last weekend, and mentioned sort of out of the blue that he hadn't had Nutter Butters for quite a while. Come to think of it, neither had I - and so, it became an imperative that we get some.

The wafers were just as crisp and wafery as we remembered - but somehow, those first bites just weren't as delicious as in the past.  Michael snapped one of the patties in half and it became evident why Nutter Butters aren't quite as Nutter Buttery as they useter.

Look at that! They're only half-full of peanut butter creme! No wonder they were better years ago - there was more filling back then.

Shame on you, Nabisco.


Anonymous said...

The regular nutter butters are way better. My favorite store bought cookie

Rodzilla said...

yeah, I tried these as well - no good.

Dave said...

I thought the Nabisco ones were the "regular". With the peanut shaped snow tread wafers and all that.

What's your version of "regular"?

Anonymous said...

Ya that's my cesium of regular, the peanut shaped ones

Anonymous said...


Denise Tawrosza said...

I think that Nabisco & "Nutter Butter" bought out these wonderful little PB wafers. They used to have more PB in them, but looked exactly the same as the nutter butter PB crème cookies. I remember them from when I was little and I'm in my late 30's. Weren't they called Peanut Cremes, or something like that?