10 May, 2011

Green Giant Chipotle White Corn

I'm not a big fan of canned veggies.  Canned green beans are okay, I guess.  And some brands of canned corn are good too.  Green Giant, for example: their canned corn is always decent. Crisp and flavorful, like it was just cut from the cob a few minutes before it was put on the table.

And therefore, when I found this Green Giant Chipotle White Corn at the supermarket last week, I picked up a couple of cans knowing that even if I was disappointed in the overall product and it's chipotleness, the actual corn involved would still be pretty good.

So I opened up the can and found crispy delicious white corn studded with little bits of sweet red bell pepper, and clinging to it all was dark mahogany-colored chipotle powder.  It smelled rich and roasty and smoky, with the familiar aroma of chipotle in the background.  Everything seemed to be in the right place and I thought that I might at last have found a "chipotle" product that actually lived up to its label.

Unfortunately, that was not to be.  Green Giant made sure to play it safe for this product, and the chipotle is just another faint flavor note that added nothing to the side dish. - a shame because chipotle pepper and corn are a natural and delicious combo. Lynnafred and I kicked it up a notch by hitting our servings with an extra dose of chipotle powder from the spice cabinet.  Mmmm.  Heat and flavor, even if it was a do-it-yourself seasoning job.

Seriously, though, I really wish that companies would stop slapping the word "chipotle" on everything they churn out of their factories. This ingredient has thoroughly jumped the shark.

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Anonymous said...

I agree....Try Del Monte Dill Green Beans. Great even in cold dishes that lives up to it's name.