08 May, 2011

Bacon Lattice Pie

Happy Mother's Day! How about a nice slice of Bacon Lattice Apple Pie?

The recipe has been wandering around the internet for about three years now, but it's pretty simple to do without a real recipe.  Just make your usual apple pie preparations but add four slices of crispy-cooked bacon, crumbled, into the filling.  Instead of using a top crust, build a lattice crust using strips of raw bacon.  For a ten-inch deep dish pie, it should take about a pound of standard sliced bacon all told. I considered using bacon fat in the crust, but Lynnafred talked me out of it, saying that it would overpower the apples.  She might have been right - the standard crust along with the bacon in the filling and on top gave a very good flavor balance to the whole thing. Maryanne was a bit dubious of the very idea of a bacon-topped pie at first, but because she's a sport she gave it a try, and actually liked it.

It was fun and delicious. Sometimes dumb internet stuff works out pretty well.

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