21 December, 2009

Since When Are Pecans Red?

This is a bag of Diamond mixed nuts; I snapped the photo in Costco yesterday. There are two things wrong with this mixture: it doesn't have any Brazil nuts, and the pecans are red. Well, not "red" exactly, but magenta. A really fake-looking obvious dye job. As the ingredients state: "pecan shells colored with artificial color FD&C red 3."

What the hell? What possible reason would there be for dying pecan shells? Screw Diamond - the only reason they're soaking pecans in carcinogens is to make them "look pretty." I'm buying my nuts from someone else.



Eating The Road said...


They're red in the face for being 10x the price of Christmas candy.

zoe p. said...

And the brown of a pecan husk is beautiful!

Unknown said...

I got some unpackaged today. I was worried but the shells are very thick so they OBVIOUSLY didn't get tainted by the dye. I will crack them carefully and was my hands throughly before eating them. I've eaten a few and they were very fresh.

Unknown said...

I lived in Louisiana for many years and enjoyed "natural" Pecans. When I moved to Canada I said: "What's this"? Reply: "Pecans", Me: "Why are they red?" Reply: "Because Pecans are red". Rolled my eyes. Many people here think that Pecans are naturally red. I guess if you have only seen them that way and don't read labels that is your reality. We live in a "nutty" world.