14 December, 2009


I love fruitcake. Candied fruit, nuts, pound cake batter. The stuff's awesome, and I don't understand what the big deal is about hating it. Yes, it's sweet and heavy. That's why it's served in small slices, y'know?

Anyway, I'm considering setting up a kind of Fruitcake Rescue organization. Fruitcake haters could send me the ones they get as gifts and I'd match each delicious fruity brick with a Forever Home. In this context, "forever" would be defined as "hungry fruitcake lover."



Michele said...

Sign me up...I love fruitcake! I'd be happy to adopt one or two. :)

Eating The Road said...


I would love one to. I've never actually had one but each year I promise myself I will try it....maybe this year will be the year. Ever since I saw Alton Brown make a decent one:

Anonymous said...

My grandmother, my mother, and now I make fruitcake every Christmas. My grandmother's recipe was HER grandmother's recipe from England.
Yes, boiling then toasting the nuts and fruits is a PITA, --but the end result is so worth it.

Both my grandmother and my mom taught me to wrap the cakes in cheesecloth and then soak them with brandy for two weeks.

Nirvana....serve it warm with either a custard or a hard sauce.
Good stuff!

MsMurder said...

Am reading all your back entries... I love fruitcake... I just wish I could make it. I am a wonderful cook, but an awful baker!