20 July, 2008

Doritos Collisions - Hot Wings and Blue Cheese

Doritos Collisions is an interesting concept from Frito-Lay - they take two distinct but complimentary flavors of Doritos (often with contrasting colors as well) and combine them in a single bag. This latest Collision, Hot Wings and Blue Cheese is an excellent example of a combination that works beautifully.

The Hot Wings flavor, although not very "wingy," is delicious. The main flavor components are paprika oleoresin (for heat) and tomato powder (tangy "wing sauce" flavor.) They're great together, and offer a good spicy burn that lingers in the mouth. Much like the Blazin' Buffalo and Ranch flavor, there's heat to spare without being overwhelming.

The Blue Cheese flavor is perhaps one of my favorite Doritos flavors ever, and I would buy them in a heartbeat if I ever found them packaged by themselves. They're similar to the standard Doritos nacho flavor, but with less of a sour edge and the distinct backnote of blue cheese.

Either of these chips would be great on their own, but Frito-Lay knows that hot wings and blue cheese are traditional partners. If you see them in your local market, grab a bag. They're made of win.


Lore said...

Now that's good idea!

Alex Rushmer said...

The second that these are available in the UK I am heading out to buy a truckload.