23 January, 2008

G2 Gatorade

Read the sign carefully and then figure out what a good deal you're getting.

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wkitty42 said...

WTF? is that normally 2/$1.00 or $100 each?

just as bad as the 2 liter soda sales in the big name stores... one week, it is 2 liter cokes for 89 cents each... the next week it is 4/$5.00 and then you get the inevitable normal price of $1.50 to $1.75 each... however, no matter how you slice it, even at those prices, they're a lot cheaper then the 20 oz ones in the corner quickie marts which are going for $1.29 each... heck, you get 3 20's and a piece from a 2 liter! furrfu :(

PS: yeah, dave... i'm reading backwards catching up on all your past posts ;)