15 January, 2008

Fishy Delights 7: Celli Scungilli (Baby Whole Conch)

At $1.50 for a 3.2-ounce tin, this is one of the more expensive tinned seafood items at my local job-lot store. Luckily, it is also one of the more tasty.

Nestled inside the tin I bought were nine small but meaty nuggets, each, the label assured me, being an entire whole baby conch. They were tender, though still resilient in the typical canned-shellfish way, and quite delicious. The flavor was reminiscent of clams and the bite sized chunks were surprisingly satisfying. Alas, the price (which comes out to a little less than $6.00 a pound, and that includes all that water they're packed in) is far too high for a novelty snack.

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Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me where I can buy a pack of cans, i.e. who distributes this product?
Bob L