18 November, 2014

I Didn't Choose The Coke Life, the Coke Life Chose Me

Earlier this month, Coca-Cola rolled out a new product: Coke Life, a decent product with a kind of stupid name. They're calling it a "reduced calorie" cola. There's no high-fructose corn syrup in it, just real by-God cane sugar and a little touch of stevia extract. That dash of stevia lets Coke maintain the sweetness level of the beverage while allowing them to cut the amount of actual sugar in the drink - and there is absolutely no trace of an aftertaste!

Quite seriously, Coca-Cola Life tastes exactly the way Coke did when I was a kid, back before HFCS wormed it's way into every goddamn food product imaginable. If you go crazy trying to find sugar-based Mexican Coke or if you hoard Kosher-for-Passover Coke when you can find it in the spring, try a bottle of Life and see how well it fits the bill.

By the way, I bought a six-pack of these cute li'l 8-ounce bottles, and GUESS WHAT THEY'RE NOT TWIST-OFF YOU'RE GONNA NEED AN OPENER, SON.


Alan said...

There was and probably still is nothing like a cold Coke in a bottle.

SJBill said...

2090Was hoping it wasn't flavored with Kale like this stuff: http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/bella/2014/09/kale-soda-review.php

Sparkiedoll said...

It's January 3 2015 and my year has been made - I found your blog and have been laughing my socks off!!!! I was reading a blog that mentioned Sweet Sue's canned chicken and thought I've gotta see this so Googled it and found your blog. Beyond delighted to have found you Dave. Bet I can find you tinned Haggis if that's still on your grail list. It's my ambition to come to the USA to eat and go to a supermarket as it seems so very different from the UK. I am going to sit back and read every post you've written xxx