12 January, 2011

Campbell's Chicken Wonton Soup

This is not a wonton.
I got a call from Lynnafred yesterday.  She had just opened up a can of Campbell's Chicken Wonton Soup that she'd bought on impulse the other day.

"Dad, this soup is horrible.  Why did you let me buy it?"

I only accept part of the blame for this, however.  Although there are several Campbell's soups that we buy regularly, none of the chicken varieties are on our list because they're so nasty.  Campbell's chicken broth is just horrible - it's heavy and artificial-tasting and the doughy noodles they throw in only makes it worse.  It stands to reason that Chicken Wonton would be no better.

There were five small "wontons" in the can, each of them a thick pentagonal chunk of noodle with a tiny dab of meatlike stuff near the center.  She ended up dividing the soup between the dogs who, predictably, enjoyed the hell out of it.


michelle said...

I haven't had that in years, like, 20 years (at least) and from your description, it hasn't changed at all. I guess you could give it some credit for staying consistent through all these years:)

Alan said...

Of course, dogs know their cuisine. A little of that soup with some tasty Libby's Vienna sausage and...

jules said...

I'm on a wonton soup kick and thought I'd look up reviews for the Campbells variety. The consensus is in. Everyone says it is HORRIBLE! Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

i ADORE this stuff, especially the textureless chicken paste inside the doughy "wontons". campbell's doesn't sell these in canada so i always buy, like, a pallet of them when i'm in the states.

then again, i'm also a fan of artificial-chicken-flavoured salt water, so take my opinion with a grain of oxo boullion.