08 December, 2010

Domo Toys At Taco Bell!


Taco Bell kids' meals currently include one of five toys featuring Domo-Kun.  How cool is that??  Personally, I'd go for the sticker dispenser.


Alan said...

I used to think Godzilla was hokey. But Domo... He must have been the results of a Kindergarten art contest. I agree, the sticker dispenser is the thing to shoot for here. Then again, our cars and our buildings are all being designed at the same level. Square and featureless. Where have all the artists gone? I know. Flickr.

Cade said...

What?? I'm a huge Domo-kun fan and Godzilla... wow >_> uhm.. anyway.. The DJ sticker dispenser is only cardboard, unfortunately. But the two photo frames are plastic. I suspect that the mp3 player/mobile phone holder is useless for its intended purpose, though I could be wrong :D

Dave said...

I loves me some Domo-kun. Even though I know the sticker dispenser is just cardboard, I can't but think of how great it would be to put Domo stickers on everything I own.

Also, if I took a photo of a plush Domo toy wearing a Domo sticker and put the photo into a Domo photo frame...holy crap, I think the metaDomo awesomeness might make my head asplode.

Anonymous said...

A Mexican restaurant in America is selling Japanese toys :) That's contradicted XD

But Taco Bell selling Domo toys is amazing~ I mean, I love anime so when one of my favorite fast food restaurants sells something anime [Well not really anime >.>] related, I think it just makes it to number one on the awesome list.


Anonymous said...

Are you fu*king kidding me? Who the hell would go for the Domo sticker dispenser? It's made of paper and comes with 12 stickers. Once the stickers are used up, you got a box. Congrats.

The thing to shoot for are the two picture frames, then the media holder, and the rest are just crap.

friendthegirl said...

I have the brown picture frame! It's the best kid's meal toy I've ever gotten, and I regret not getting more. There's a photo of my boyfriend and I in it. The frame looks way better with a photo in it.