27 April, 2010

Skittles Fizzl'd Fruits Candy

These are, in a word, nasty.  Salty and bitter, they're like chewing an Alka-Seltzer (which is no surprise, since they're coated with a thick crust of sodium bicarbonate.)

They were good for some quick and sophmoric humor, when I tossed a handful into my mouth and started foaming like some rainbow-afflicted rabid dog.  Seconds later, I was looking for a place to spit, since the briny mess was far too disgusting to actually swallow.  (BTW, multicolored foamy expectorate is nearly as amusing as "rainbow rabies," in it's own tasteless and sort of awful way.)



Anonymous said...

Well they are new to me but I love the original so a bit of foaming at the mouth...? Sounds good to me!

Dave said...

If you can't find them in the store, you can get the same experience by breaking up an Alka-Seltzer tablet and chewing a small piece with the candy.