14 June, 2009

Bad Candy Design - Hannah Montana Concert Candy

I was in the drugstore with my daughter when, laughing, she handed me a package of these "Hannah Montana Concert Candy Sweet & Sour Gummies." Ostensibly made in the shape of guitars and microphones, they seemed to me at first glance to be just another cheap-ass and fairly generic product being given a boost by a licensing agreement. And I was puzzled as to why a 20-year-old punk rock fan would be interested in Hannah Montana anything.

Turns out it was for the lulz.

As you can see from the pictures below, these gummies don't really resemble guitars all that much. But they do look a lot like dicks. To compound this unfortunate circumstance, the gummies are molded in various flavors and colors. One of the colors is a pinkish sort of flesh tone that makes the cocklike appearance all the more striking.

Did anyone in Disney's marketing department look at the product before they approved this deal?

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "junk food."


Hannah Montana Concert Candy is distributed by Imaginings 3. Check out their Flix Candy page - they're wicked proud to have been the 2008 Disney Food and Beverage Licensee of the Year.


Nethead said...

You should post this to Failblog! http://failblog.org/

Candy Design Fail, fer shur

Hannahfan said...

That just looks all wrong!