21 February, 2009

Mountain Dew Voltage

Last year, Mountain Dew began their DEWmocracy campaign, introducing three test flavors of a new ginseng-laced Dew and asking fans to choose which one would go into full production. The winning flavor, Voltage (a blue raspberry/citrus) won out over Supernova (strawberry/melon) and Revolution (berry.) My daughter and I had tried all three, and it was tough to choose our favorite, especially because we're so fond of blue foods.

Mountain Dew Voltage is a great addition to the lineup, and it has several things going for it. First of all, it's blue. I love blue foods and beverages, and "blue raspberry" is one of my favorite flavors. So naturally, Voltage got my attention right away. The blue raspberry flavor is brightened by a touch of citrus, but not so strongly that the drink takes on a "lemon-lime" character. But best of all, Voltage doesn't taste "syrupy," which is my only complaint about regular Dew. Even though Voltage is still sweeter than many other sodas, the raspberry/citrus balances well against it.

Check out that blue color. Seriously awesome, especially now, with blue beverages and foods getting more scarce every day.

Meanwhile, to help raise awareness of this great new flavor, the folks at Mountain Dew are sponsoring a promotion. Visit the Voltage website and register as a Power Player. Play some games, create some artwork, watch some videos and just hang around, and you can earn points that put you in the running to win some cool swag - T-shirts, snowboards, backpacks - even an XBOX 360. And if you click through to register using the link on the banner below, you'll get three free points to start you off.


Mountain Dew's Dewmocracy Voltage page

Mountain Dew's Official Site



J. Astro said...

As a committed Dew drinker, I down several bottles and/or cans of the stuff a day... & I can fully agree with you that regular Mt Dew is syrupy - I usually have this problem after my second one for the day... but man, the first drink of the first one of the day is sooooooo good! :)

That said, I'm still a little perturbed that they no longer produce their grape/Pitch Black flavor. I abhor Code Red and am indifferent towards LiveWire, both of which are still in plentiful supply in my local markets. The three new flavors all kind of just ran together for me, and I had no clear favorite. I didn't mind them, but I also didn't care which, if any, won. I mostly still just sit and pine for the return of Pitch Black. I mean, c'mon, they even had a tweaked, grapier Pitch Black II briefly!! A soda with it's own sequel?! How cool is that?

And finally - while I can't stand Mt Dew Code Red, I reeeeeeally like Coca-Cola's VAULT Red Blitz flavor - it's far superior in all ways, even though it looks like simply a Code Red rip-off.

Dave said...

I'm in complete agreement with you about Pitch Black. I loved that stuff.

When the voting was active for the current flavor, my daughter (the real Dew fan in the family) preferred the melon flavor over the Voltage, but now that Voltage is out, she's happy to have something kicky and blue to drink.

Anonymous said...

i love mt dew pitch black that should be brought back. I actually went online trying to buy it by the case or 12 pack unfortunatly, they don't sell it. I also want them to bring back that mt dew blue shock i loved those slurpees. But i want the pitch black back. Get us our pitch black back now pepsi!!

aubrey said...

i want the mt dew pitch black back also. I love that stuff i also want the to bring mt dew blue shock back. Bring us back our mt dew pitch black back now pepsi!!!!!
That is the best damn mt dew ever.