02 June, 2008

Coach D's Steamed Cheeseburgers, Springfield MA

It was early April when I first saw the sign on the storefront on Sumner Avenue in Springfield: COACH D'S STEAMED CHEESEBURGERS COMING SOON. Since then, I never failed to check out the little plaza whenever I was near that neighborhood, anticipating the arrival of steamed cheeseburgers to Western Massachusetts.

And this weekend, my patience was rewarded! The GRAND OPENING banner was stretched across the front windows of the shop! Joy!

We parked in the back of the building and walked around front to the entrance. There were a few people placing orders at the counter, and we joined them. The menu is quite basic - steamed burgers, BLTs, onion rings, fries, chili cheese fries, milkshakes, and canned soda from a cooler - but it's obvious that this restaurant is concentrating on the burgers and not losing their focus with an overly-ambitious menu.

We placed our orders with the pleasant young man at the cash register and found a bistro-style table out front to await our meal. Despite the number of people ordering, we didn't have to wait long for our food - two steamed cheeseburgers with "the works" - lettuce, tomato, and mayo - an order of fries, and an order of onion rings.

Our burgers were perfect - big, juicy steamed patties topped with meltydelicious wedges of soft warm New York State mild cheddar, lovely leaf lettuce, and fresh summery tomatoes (extra credit to Coach D for the tomatoes - most restaurants are still serving nasty, hard, winter tomatoes this early in the season; this place goes the extra mile to find high-quality slicing tomatoes that have a vine-fresh texture and flavor.) The steamed beauties were as good as anything I've had at Ted's Restaurant in Meriden and even better than the ones I've had at other central Connecticut locations.

The onion rings, although a commercially prepared frozen product, were also excellent. These were not chopped-and-formed nasties, but instead panko-breaded and delicious, fried to golden-brown crispiness, and a perfect accompaniment to the burgers.

The fries were a little less successful. Also a frozen commercial product, we would have preferred it if they had spent an extra few minutes in the fryer (they would have been crispier and more enjoyable.)

Overall, however, we were mighty pleased with Coach D's. There are a few bistro tables that seat one or two people, a couple booths, and an line of stools at a counter-style dining table. The day we were there, a TV in the corner was tuned to ESPN. Service is cafeteria-style and patrons are expected to bus their own tables; the atmosphere is casual and friendly, and the owner has a smile and a greeting for everyone who comes in. On the day we were there, there was a steady stream of customers and while the kitchen was kept plenty busy, there were no delays or unpleasant surprises from back of house. We will definitely be going again.

UPDATE - 20 APRIL 2009: Coach D's Steamed Cheeseburgers has closed.


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Michelle said...

I love this place. the bugers were the bomb along with the chicken wings!(what is that special sauce they use?)I can wait for my weekly fix! They are diffently just as good as Ted's!