24 February, 2008

Kraft Easy Cheese - Cream Cheese

Behold Kraft Easy Cheese Original Cream Cheese flavor: introduced in 2007 and already relegated to clearance bins and job lot stores, this curiosity may well have come and gone from your local supermarket without ever attracting your attention.

The flavor is okay; not quite as mild and milky as cream cheese, with a slight but distinct sour note. The texture is typical of all the Easy Cheese flavors, soft without being runny.

It's not hard to understand why Original Cream Cheese was a failure. There isn't anything about it that stands out as a unique or "must-have" feature. Cream cheese is already a pretty friendly product to use, easy to spread right out of the package, and the spreadability improves when it comes up to room temperature. Thinning the cheese out to help it ride through a narrow nozzle isn't a big improvement.

I tried a long time to come up with a use for this stuff that would be unique to a self-dispensing, no-spreading-required product. It wasn't easy, but here you go:

No-Bake Ghetto-Ass Cheesecake Treats

1 box Honey Maid Graham Crackers
1 container Betty Crocker ready-to-use vanilla frosting
1 can Easy Cheese Original Cream Cheese
1 box of Strawberry Fruit Snacks

For each Cheesecake Treat use one graham cracker square and spread it generously with vanilla frosting. Dispense a decorative layer of Easy Cheese Cream Cheese on top of the frosting, Garnish with a strawberry fruit snack. Repeat these steps until you run out of one of the ingredients. You can make this dessert elegant enough for guests if you substitute a spoonful of strawberry jam for the Fruit Snack.


debbie said...

where can you buy it

Gene said...


Francina said...

I liked this product. No refrigeration needed so I kept a can in my desk to put on bagels. Also, a friend of mine prepares meals for rafting trips and she began using this quite a bit since it did not need refrigeration and was easy to pack. Easy breakfasts on the river. It should be brought back.